What is Lex-Core?

  • Custom case file management

    Create your case files, keep track of them, their deadlines and notifications, make timelines of your case files, organize them according to categories and generate a tour list.

  • Manage your buffet

    Create your profile and your buffet profile. Access your case files and clients securely, from anywhere in the world.

  • Legal brief models

    Create, edit and save your models of legal briefs and contracts, or access the best versions created and checked by the most outstanding international jurists.

How does Lex-Core work?

Lex-Core allows remote and secure access to all your case files, at any time from anywhere on the planet. Create your individual profile, or your buffet, and manage the access levels of your buffet's members and partners.






People using Lex-Core say

Joao Quinteiros

Environmentalist Lawyer

I have started using Lex-Core a few months ago, and I have been able to save time, manage my buffet better, and even save paper! Lex-Core is the best solution on the market for the lawyer committed to environment.

Rodolfo Barchetti

Labor Lawyer

Recently I began to pursue my career independently, and this tool gave me all the services I needed, now I can take my cases forward in an organized manner and safely store all the relevant information of my clients.

Robert Jones

Employee of important law firm

A friend of my college introduced me to Lex-Core, and since then I started using the platform for my work in the firm. Little by little I'm getting the rest of my co-workers keen on using it, in an easy and accessible way.

Karem Soria

Civil Rights Lawyer

I have a small law firm and thanks to Lex-Core I can now derive work from those who are part of it, in a more efficient and simple way, making their tasks simpler and streamlining the daily processes.

José del Valle Mamani

Business Law Firm Partner

Now I can have my law firm everywhere and everytime. I can check my case files, from my home, from the bus and even in Court.) Lex-Core has solved my schedule problems and prevents me from losing time.

Cecilia López

Paralegal of Criminal Law

I use Lex-Core every day to work in the law firm I'm in. This platform allows me to save time, and, thanks to its effective Tour List, I can now visit more places in less time.

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