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LEX-CORE Fast, safe and efficient way to manage your case files and contracts.

LEX-CORE Secure and confidential, it allows you to save time, being able to open your remote office from anywhere.

LEX-CORE The new way of working.


It has everything you need to manage your office from a single tool. Create tasks and put alerts that will make it easier to control the deadlines with greater precision. Collaborate more dynamically with your colleagues, manage all your documents from LEX CORE, and streamline the billing process. Create reports to analyze the status of your office, which will allow you to obtain detailed information in order to make strategic decisions.

Online office

How much time do you keep printing papers, ordering and filing them?
The physical folders or papers can be lost or archived in an erroneous way, preventing you from finding them when you need them most. LEX CORE avoids waste of time while taking care of the planet avoiding the printing of infinite documents that then end up filed or in the garbage basket.